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This website is a micro application I threw together for hiring managers to find out more about what I can do in software. I call it an application since you can interact with it as you would any other application. Albeit, I'm not coding any sign up and log in system here but I can assure you that I've created several of those in the past.

I'm always adding features to show case the results of my code and I welcome you to do what any senior dev would do to see if I can do that. However, as a hiring manager, I know you know that front end UX only scratches the surface of what a full stack web application requires. There's so much I do to launch and/or maintain my application projects. Security and spam control are the top two things on my mind when I have my IDE open. Next comes efficiency and speed. When code runs slow, it's hard to test and if code is not written in PSR-2 standards, it gets hard to read.
Now that I got a couple of main SDLC fundamentals out of the way, let's get down to business...

I am experienced in leveraging agile frameworks to provide secure and well formed data between databases and users. I'm focused on Front-end technologies that make my applications look great across any device and in any view, portrait or landscape. My coding mindset is set in providing the best user experience throughout the application whilst blocking malicious data inputs and bot control.


Web Application Developer


To acquire a Full-time Web Application Developer Role for a well established growing company located in Collin County Texas where I can contribute my skills in Programming, Security and Marketing.


13 years and counting in software, 22 years overall I.T. industry

Senior Web Developer

Veracity Research Co : Denton, TX

Rebuild all 5 company websites from HTML4 Procedural PHP using table layouts and non-mobile friendly design to HTML5 Mobile First Design in PHP CodeIgniter MVC Framework. Write User Side security procedures to run on the clients as per Terms Of Use Policies that vary between applications.

June 2017 - Present

Magento Web Developer

Provident Metals : Dallas, TX

Help maintain www.providentmetals.com using PHP Storm in a Vagrant / Redis / Docker developing environment running LAMP in conjunction with Github Repositories with Confluence as documentation and Agile Platform using JIRA.

November 2015 - November 2016

Magento Web Designer

Robofirm LLC : Remote

Hired only to build then launch one client’s E-commerce website in Magento Enterprise CRM utilizing HTML5, SASS, Bootstrap and Jquery Frameworks in conjunction with Bitbucket, JIRA and Confluence for documentation, branching and Agile management.

November 2014 - April 2015

Web Developer

Champion National Security : Richardson, TX

Rebuild company websites from HTML4 Procedural PHP using table layouts and non-mobile friendly design to HTML5 Mobile First Design in PHP MVC Framework.

October 2013 - November 2014

Freelance Web Developer

Gardens For Texas LLC : Dallas, TX

I'm the "GOTO" guy for anything technical for this small business that utilizes Google G suite for everything. I control the VPS for their website and manage all domain needs such as Email DL's, Internet records, Webmaster Tools, API integrations and all digital marketing.

December 2009 - Present

MCSE Active Directory Administrator

Various Companies

Career started in a computer sales and repair store. I acquired experience in Cisco, Dell, Watchgurd hardware with lots of Microsoft software support.

December 2000 - December 2009


Self Taught Passion

Open Source Software - My Personality
March 2009 - Present

Brookhaven College

Computer Science - Web Development Track
August 2010 - June 2012

University of Houston

Computer Science - Web Development Track
August 2008 - May 2009


The following information only tells half of what I am as a Programmer. Other important attributes can't be display and can only be witnessed, such as Tenacity, Determination, Efficiency and Deducing. All of which only SALTS the following to allow me to be a good programmer.

Programming Languages & Tools written in PHP Standard Recommendation (PSR)
I do Full Stack Development utilizing these technologies and API's.
SDLC Workflow in Enterprise SOA
  1. Jira Project Tracking
  2. Bitbucket Issue || Feature Branches
  3. Mobile-First Responsive Development
  4. Minification & Obfuscation
  5. Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  6. User Acceptance Testing in Staging Environment
  7. Branch Merge Deployment
  8. Daily Scrums

PHP Frameworks

UI/UX Frameworks

Not including this site you're already on, these are the only projects I want to share at this time.

Keep in mind the companies in Experience section have projects that may or may not be in this section.

Gardens For Texas






kappler kitchen


argyle executive suites


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  1. $100K annual USD or more salary.
  2. Office located in Plano, TX.
  3. Server Side Language is PHP. Do not contact me about ASP, C# or Java jobs.
  4. Company Size is 50 or more employees.
Send me a message if all four above are true

PHP - MySQL - Python - OOP - MVC - JavaScript - jQuery - HTML5 - CSS3 - SASS - Linux - Windows - API - SEO - SVN

Any web developer would agree that it can take several lines of code to do any one thing in an application. Where there's a way for the public to send data to the web server, without a doubt; there has to be several procedures in place to protect the web and database servers from breaches and spammers.

I believe Protecting the servers starts in the user's browser. As you witnessed when you hit this website, I run checks for things to not only protect my servers but also keep user experience to a tolerable and easy to understand level. If you browse the Internet in Regular Mode (not using Private Windows) and you have JavaScript and Cookies enabled, you're WONDERFUL!
But unfortunately, not every one is as great as you are. It only takes one clown or software robot to ruin it for everyone else. If and when someone thinks he/she can snoop around my source code, I'm prepared for that as well.

Being a web security enthusiast; my first goal is protecting any application I'm tasked with working on. Protecting data and preventing spam are jobs 1 and 2 respectively. Next comes User Experience then Organic Search rankings are close behind.