Built from scratch in Code Igniter MVC Framework as Responsive with media query breakpoints to accommodate mobile devices and narrow browser windows; making use of heavy JavaScript on top of Jquery libraries to validate form inputs with AJAX technology, alert popups and DOM manipulation. This website uses hooks to remove white spaces in the HTML5 markup along with gzip compression on the server side for speed and is set to obfuscate front-end scripts to protect them from copycats. It also dynamically minifies css on load. Spam detection is implemented to fight spammers and spambots with a custom built system API that is driven by a Blacklist. Security is implemented to insure maximum uptime. A MySQL database drives my Testimonials and Web Developer Skill pages. HTACCESS configuration is used to enhance security, provide custom 404, 403, 301 and 500 error pages. HTACCESS also enables caching and disables Hot-linking. I've also built a web base HTML Email system that I use to communicate just as if I was using Gmail.

As for SEO; I take full advantage of Data highlighting, Schema.org and dynamic xml. At the time of marking this up; I'm on the first page of Bing and Yahoo for search term "web developer plano". We all know it's much harder to rank high on Google due to Penguin and all their guidelines to combat spam and their new "Personalized Search" feature but I'm the first link on page 4, considered link 41, on SERP when "web developer plano" is searched. [ https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=web+developer+plano ] [ YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY DEPENDING ON YOUR PERSONALIZED SEARCH SETTINGS ]. I know the goal is page 1 but consider just how many job board sites like dice, monster, glassdoor and indeed rank for the same term..! They all have much more traffic than my website so obviously they'll rank higher. Overlook them and I would be on page 1!


This web application is built with cutting edge JavaScript Libraries and provides information on Full Service Website Management that I provide.


This web application is by far my most massive accomplishment. It is built with cutting edge software and provides a resource to a niche community as a social network.


Built from scratch in Code Igniter MVC Framework with a user agent detection script to render a different version of the site to mobile devices. This project also uses much of the same technologies as steveblack.co does and is an extension of my freelance web development business.


Built from scratch in Code Igniter MVC Framework and uses post activation system in order for any post to appear on the site. It is meant to supply a media for legitimate advertisers and keep spamming robots from posting fake ads for the mere purpose of mass generation of back links.



One of the massive projects I've built from scratch that incorporates several cutting edge technologies such as AngularJS and RWD along with all the basic web technologies like Jquery, CSS3 and HTML5. This site is powered by an enormous database that can provide historical data going back years.

Maintain all pieces of the website from backend to frontend.
Regularly run penetration tests with OWASP Zap Tool to assure 100% up time.
Continue to add features to accommodate fast growth.


My oldest Freelance client based in Dallas that I control all aspects of their Internet presence. After migrating their main website from a PHP enabled IIS server to a Centos Linux machine running PHP 5.4 my ongoing duties are as follow.

Maintain www.gardensfortexas.com for Before and After image gallery.
Compose HTML Email Campaigns with Constant Contact for Company Newsletter.
Manage Webmaster tools for XML sitemap submissions and Disavow 404 errors.


This website is considered the secondary site for Gardens For Texas. They owned this name before gardensfortexas.com and wanted to keep and do something with it. It is a Wordpress site that is really only used for informational purposes. I maintain it fully by loading new images and testing out articles with Yoast for SEO purposes.


I built this very small website with Procedural PHP that using $_GET parameter for sorting and Jquery with custom functions for search. It is also mobile friendly and makes use of an affiliate publisher network.



Project SEO for key phrase "adult sports" and shows on page 1 of Google for anyone in Dallas searching this key phrase. Exactly what the owner wants since he doesn't do any business with anyone outside of Dallas County.


Although owned by my client that owns DallasAdultSports.com, this project is only Off-page SEO on blogs and social media such as Pintrest, Instagram and Twitter. Owner does not want to move this site to a new host since it's not a big revenue generator so I don't have access to the code base.

I used the same White Hat techniques for SEO and Marketing on this project like I do with any of my other SEO projects.


As a client that has benefited from all my Web Developer services, Gardens For Texas continues to make more money every year.

Maintain SEO Rank with dynamic markup and articles high rank for "Dallas landscaper" search term
Analyze Analytics Data to target dominant search phrases for SEO campaigns.


NOTE: If these site do not look like the image I've provided, that means the company changed the site since I left.

This are former projects and I do not provide any back links to former projects.


I worked on this Magento 1 store for 1 year and was involved with several features along with so amazing developers. The SDLC included Jira, Bitbucket, Git, Docker, MySQL, Confluence and Magento.
For their reasons, decided they couldn't afford my salary and decided to reduce me to un-employment benefits. whatever...


Hired as a full time web developer by this company, I was responsible for making this website what it is today. An informational site with a data driven Jobs page and basic Contact page. When I took over this project, it was developed poorly where text ran over the parameters of its container div due to static height css properties on the container. That among other things like captcha not working to stop bots and broken links were concerns of the CEO so he gave me the "green light" to rebuild it from scratch and gave me 80 hours to do so. I completed in 60 hours. I used Code Igniter along with MySQLI for and most importantly addressed the static height elements that seem to be on every single division.


This website was also another complete rebuild since the original site was mostly nothing more that an image that had divs positioned relatively so X-browser compatibility really didn't exist, especially it not even working in Safari. I built it in Bootstrap 2.0 at the time to make it X-browser friendly and implemented Schema.org and all the other SEO elements such as alts on all images. There are 3 portals for this project, public, job seeker dashboard and company admin portal for internal use by more than 50 employees nationwide. I wrote custom css and JavaScript along with MySQLI data calls to produce this Security Guard Job Board.


A small and quick project where I had to fix several UI elements and condense the code to use includes rather than having the same markup in all pages. This project is just purely procedural PHP and HTML with no Responsiveness built in as the owner didn't want to pay to have it done.


This project is a lead management system that provides alerts and data collection for the company's revenue. This project is built in Bootstrap 3.0 and is driven by MySQL database. It has a dashboard for each Sales Manager and Sales Person to upload csv files that are imported into the database that segregated the data between user accounts. Project is complete.